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Welcome runners to the 9th annual Zumbro 100, 50 and 17 Mile Endurance Run! We are excited to be hosting another super talented field of runners hailing from 21 states and three Canadian provinces, all coming to experience the magic of Zumbro! We were on the race course today (Sunday 4/2/17) and it was very dry / no snow and almost no mud at all – keep in mind however, this is Zumbro and things have been known to change drastically in the days leading up.

This email is going to be short and sweet and will generally lack specifics since all of the specifics can be found on our website HERE – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to read through the website and at an absolute minimum read over / see the following as it pertains: – for all distances – please know your bib number when you check in

*100 mile and 50 mile runners, use your assigned race number to mark your drop bags. Your drop bags should include your first name, last name, race number and aid station location for the bag.
Additional Notes:

FOR 100 MILE RUNNERS (but everyone should read) – Pink Ribbon In Lieu of Back Bib:
Because the 100 mile race is not the only race happening during race weekend and we have a lot of 50 and 17 mile runners (50 mile starts at 12:01AM Saturday and 17 mile starts at 9:00AM Saturday) 100 milers will pick up a piece of pink ribbon when they check in and tie it to the back of their hydration pack, waist belt etc. so they can easily be identified by runners doing the other distances, hopefully you will get some cheers and passed with care by these fresher / more energetic runners.

PACER BIBS – NEW this year we will have pacer bibs for 100 mile runners pacers, you can pick up pacer bibs (as many as you need) at packet pickup or on race morning.

*** Everybody’s effort / race is important whether you are running 17 miles, 50 miles or 100 miles but we ask that special consideration and right of way be given to 100 mile runners – by the time 50 mile and 17 mile runners hit the course the 100 mile runners will have been out on the trail for a long time and will not be as sharp, quick to react or as steady on their feet as the fresher more energetic runners starting the shorter distances.

Bib Numbers:
As always, your timing chip will be affixed to the back of your race bib, do not fold, bend or crease your bib. NEW this year, will be a “pull-tag” on the bottom of your bib, in the unlikely event that we have any issues with our timing system we will make use of your pull tag when you finish (if needed, we would pull your tag off of your bib when you finish to keep track of finishing order along with your time) so please DO NOT remove your pull tag in advance or unless directed to upon finishing the race – it is highly unlikely that we will need to utilize this. Also NEW this year, your emergency contact info will no longer be printed on the front of your bib, you are encouraged to write your emergency contact info on the back of your bib in the space provided, we will have Sharpie markers at check-in for you to do as much. More info on bib numbers can be found HERE

Crew & Spectator Access:
The “short version” is… Only 100 mile runners crews will be allowed to DRIVE to Aid Station 1/4 – crews and spectators from the other distances may hike out to aid station 1/4 and 2/3 if they would like, complete info regarding this can be found HERE – we will have a van running supplies back and forth from the start / finish and space permitting you are welcome to hop on and catch a ride as well – do however, expect to wait on either end so be prepared, dressed for the elements etc. since the sole intent of this van is not to be a dedicated shuttle service – van will have flashers on and, you guessed it, a piece of pink ribbon tied somewhere!

Driving & Parking:
Parking is limited at the race start / finish area – we strongly encourage car-pooling. Also, if your driving route brings you through the town of Theilman please drive very slowly / cautiously through town – this is a very very small community that is not used to seeing much traffic this time of year, please be respectful. The Zumbro Bottoms West Assembly Campground does not have a “parking lot” per se’, it is a campground and is setup as much, there is quite a bit of space as long as people park sanely / respectfully, please do not double park or park in any muddy areas.

Cell and Internet:
There is no cell or 4G reception at the race start / finish area… plan accordingly. You can sometimes get cell / Internet at some of the nearby highpoints, both on the race course and on the local roads.

Some runners have gotten themselves in trouble by not having, carrying or wearing enough clothing… we strongly encourage runners to carry a small / light packable shell jacket or large plastic garbage bag – having this could keep you from going hypothermic should we get cold temps which looks to be the case on Friday through Saturday morning… be smart and keep in mind that there are no heated facilities or buildings at Zumbro (just a park pavillion) – your options for staying warm are to produce body heat through running, have warm clothing to put on or drop out and get into your warm vehicle.

Swag for Sale:
We will have all kinds of sweatshirts, t-shirts, posters, stickers etc. for sale – there is no cell or Internet at the start / finish area so we cannot process credit cards so check or cash only please.

PLEASE READ THE INFO ON OUR WEBSITE and know what is going on and what to expect etc – our job is to put on a good race – your job before the race is to read the website and know what is going on, after that your job is to show up and run and have a great time! We are looking forward to seeing everyone later this week / weekend! PS. Should you have any questions it is best to get them in to me in the next couple of days since starting Thursday we will have very limited access to internet.

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director

Zumbro Endurance Run
100MI, 50MI, 17MI Trail Race(s)
Theilman, Minnesota
April 10 & 11, 2020
• 100MI Friday 8:00AM
• 50MI 12:01AM Saturday (Friday Midnight)
• 17MI 9:00AM Saturday

Opens Fri Nov 1, 2019 – 12:01AM CST
Closes Fri April 3, 2020 – 11:59PM CST
*Or once the field limit has been met
Complete Registration Details HERE

Directions to Race Start:
Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit
West Assembly Area
(Near Theilman, MN)
Google Maps Directions HERE
Written Directions HERE
(Approx 1:45 south of Minneapolis, MN)

The course consists of a mix of rugged single and double track trail with rubble, loose rock and sand along with minimum maintenance gravel roads.  The race is primarily concentrated in two large valleys within an expansive hardwood forest.  There are four significant, short, steep climbs (approx 300FT) per loop with small hills in-between along with some significant stretches of flat valley floor running.  Be sure to see maps, elevation charts and stats provided on this website HERE.

100 Mile:
6 x 17 mile loop = 102(ish) miles
Elevation Gain 13,500 FT
Elevation Loss 13,500 FT
NET Elevation Change 27,000 FT
17 Aid Stations
34 hour time limit
Complete 100MI Info HERE

50 Mile:
3 x 17 mile loop = 51(ish) miles
Elevation Gain 6,750 FT
Elevation Loss 6,750 FT
NET Elevation Change 13,500 FT
8 Aid Stations
18 hour time limit
Complete 50MI Info HERE

17 Mile:
17 Mile Loop
Elevation Gain 2,250 FT
Elevation Loss 2,250 FT
NET Elevation Change 4,500 FT
2 Aid Stations
9 hour cutoff
Complete 17MI Info HERE

More About the Area:
The Zumbro Endurance Run 100MI, 50MI and 17MI trail races take place within the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit in Southeastern Minnesota’s Bluff Country – just outside of the tiny village of Theilman, MN approximately 1:45 from Minneapolis – St.Paul, MN.  The races start and finish at the West Assembly / Horse Campground Area.  Generally speaking the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit lies within a portion of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest – an expansive 1.7 million acre tract of Minnesota hardwood forest on the Northern edge of the Driftless Region which is mainly characterized by its tall bluffs and deeply carved river valleys. This “bluff country” is rugged, hauntingly beautiful and provides the perfect venue for 100, 50 or 17 miles of trail running.