2025 Zumbro Endurance Run Pre-Season Updates

Thank you for your interest in the Zumbro Endurance Run 100 Mile, 50 Mile, 34 Mile and 17 Mile races. We are currently in the permitting process for the 2025 event. The tentative date(s) for the 2025 race(s) are Friday April 11 (100 Mile) and Saturday April 12 (50 Mile, 34 Mile and 17 Mile). Zumbro is an early season event and a snow cancellation is not out of the question. We are required by the DNR to hold the races prior to the commencement of turkey hunting which always begins the Wednesday closest to the 15th of the month. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our refund policy prior to registering. Registration is tentatively set to open on Monday January 1, 2025.  The information currently available on the website is for the 2024 race - the majority of the information for the 2024 race will be applicable for the 2025 race, but there may be some changes. Most of the significant updates to the event website will be made prior to registration opening. If you are interested in running the 2025 race we encourage you to review the information that is available now, but require that all of the information be reviewed again once it has been updated for the 2025 race, and prior to you registering for the race. We reserve the right to make changes to dates, the course, logistics, cutoffs, entry fees, the registration process, and any other aspect of the event - that said we do expect that most of the details will be the same as the 2024 race. Final details will be published late fall / early winter 2024 - please check back. You can join our mailing list HERE. You can join the Rocksteady Running Community HERE. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Race Director John Storkamp HERE.

2024 Registration Information

Registration Open/Close Dates:
Registration for the 2024 Zumbro Endurance Run will open on Monday January 1, 2024 at 9:00 AM CST and will close on Thursday April 4, 2024 at 11:59 PM CST or once the field limit has been met.  Registration will be hosted through our registration provider UltraSignup. Registration links are at the bottom of this page.


IMPORTANT: Prior to registering for the race we require that all registrants read the race info page associated with the distance that they would like to run:






There are No Refunds, Transfers or Switches:
Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstance. Entry fees will not be refunded if a runner chooses not to, or is unable to race, for any reason. Entry fees will not be refunded if the race is canceled, for any reason. Race registrations are not transferable to other participants, to future years races or to other Rocksteady Running events. Transfers are not allowed between race distances. Runners should consider these factors very carefully before registering. Runners who are not comfortable with these policies should not register.


No Waiting List Will be Kept:
Once a race distance sells out, we do not keep a waiting list – instead we accept extra runners up front so that everyone has the same opportunity to train, make reservations, get a babysitter, etc. This means that a withdrawal from a sold out race prior to race day does not create an opening in the race field – it just brings us down to our predetermined field limit which is set in agreement with our permitor(s). We have found that a percentage of those who register will not make it to the starting line due to injury, illness, or other real life interventions and adjust the number of allocated spots accordingly year to year based on historical averages.


Cancellation Policy:
The Race Director reserves the right to modify or cancel the race or course for safety concerns, natural disaster, public health emergency, air quality, public safety threat, severe weather, trail condition concerns, etc. In such cases there will be no refunds of race entry fees. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee paid. There is no complimentary race entry to a future race. Entry fees collected are used to develop and produce the event, starting well in advance of the race date – including course preparation, race supplies, permits, administration, annual operating expenses and overhead. We will make every effort to produce a fair and safe event for all participants. Any decision we make that impacts the race date or potential cancellation is carefully considered and based on the overall event safety, sustainability and manageability.


Zumbro Cancellation Credit:
Rocksteady Running has successfully produced 100’s of races since 2007. Besides the cancellation of all of our events in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the only other time we have had to cancel any races has been at Zumbro, due to (freak) snowstorms. A record setting blizzard and hazardous driving conditions forced the cancellation of Saturdays 17 mile race in 2018 while the 100 and 50 that started on Friday just barely proceeded until the end.  In 2019 another blizzard forced the cancellation of the entire event. Hunting seasons limit when we can hold Zumbro, and early to mid-April before turkey hunting begins is the most viable option available to us. In order to protect our organization and ensure that we are able to produce races for years to come, we do not offer refunds for any of our events. That said, with what seems to be a trend of severe winter-like weather occurring in early April, and the fact that there have been many “three time losers” due to cancellations (2018, 2019 & 2020 – the races were held successfully in 2021, 2022 & 2023), should we need to cancel Zumbro in 2024, we will issue a 25% credit for the 2025 race and will also mail you your swag item (t-shirt, hat, etc. / whatever it may be for the year). This will be on an opt-in basis – there will be a question during registration where you can indicate to us whether or not you would like the 25% credit to the following years race in the event of a cancellation. We are handling it this way since we know some of you will not care for it / would like to “donate” it back to us.  Please note that this policy is for the Zumbro Endurance Run only, and not for any other Rocksteady Running races. Assuming we can get through a few years without a cancellation and get back to ‘normal’, we will eventually shelf this policy as it does create added financial risk for our organization – that said, for the time being we want to be cognizant of the fact that a cancellation is not out of the question and be respectful of those of you that have stuck with us year after year.  Zumbro has been challenging, but whenever we can have it, as we did last year, it is pretty dang special and always feels like it is worth the struggle. You can learn more HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/zumbro-why-early-april/


Registration Fee Assistance:
Registration fees are used to cover the costs of producing a race, cover overhead and hopefully provide a little bit of a cushion / startup capital for the following years race.  That said, we do not want an entry fee to be the reason that someone cannot participate in one of our races.  For each race that Rocksteady Running produces, we will make available a couple of reduced fee and / or comp entries for those in need. Please contact us via email if you need registration fee assistance and give us a brief explanation of your situation. Any assistance provided will be kept confidential. Please only request help if it is necessary, leaving the assistance for those that are truly in need.

Additionally, our Endless Summer Trail Run Series, which consists of four to five weeknight trail running races throughout the summer, with distances ranging from 5KM to 7 miles, is an ultra-low-cost event that is specifically intended to reduce financial barriers to trail racing. While the entry fee for each individual series race is only $30, we provide a full-fledged race experience including a giveaway, a chip-timed race, tons of experienced and friendly volunteers and refreshments after. These low cost racing opportunities are made possible in part by what are generally higher entry fees for our longer / ultra-distance races.  This is one way in which we can all encourage and welcome individuals from all walks of life into our awesome sport.

2024 Zumbro 100 Mile:
Race Date: Friday April 12, 2024
Location: Zumbro Bottoms, MN
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Field Limit: 125 Runners
Entry Fee: $195.00 (+UltraSignup Fee)
Complete 100 Mile Details HERE

2024 Zumbro 50 Mile:
Race Date: Saturday April 13, 2024
Location: Zumbro Bottoms, MN
Start Time: 12:01AM
Field Limit: 200 Runners
Entry Fee: $105.00 (+UltraSignup Fee)
Complete 50 Mile Details HERE

2024 Zumbro 34 Mile:
Race Date: Saturday April 13, 2024
Location: Zumbro Bottoms, MN
Start Time: 7:00 AM
Field Limit: 225 Runners
Entry Fee: $95.00 (+ UltraSignup Fee)
Complete 34 Mile Details HERE

2024 Zumbro 17 Mile:
Race Date: Saturday April 13, 2024
Location: Zumbro Bottoms, MN
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Field Limit: 400 Runners
Entry Fee: $85.00 (+ UltraSignup Fee)
Complete 17 Mile Details HERE

~ Please note that the registration links will redirect you to our registration partner UltraSignup to register for the Zumbro Endurance Run.