2022 Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run Participant Guide

About This Page:

The information on this page and associated links comprise the official Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run Participant Guide. It contains all of the information and links you will need in order to research, register for and run the race. Runners are required to review this page, along with the registration info page in their entirety prior to registering for the race. This information should then be referenced as needed in the months and weeks leading up to the race. Keep in mind that information may be updated and changed right up until the race, so a final review of the information about a week out is encouraged. Registered runners can expect a welcome email from us with any new / additional information about one week out from the race. This page contains the following sections:













Date, Time and Location:
Friday April 8 & Saturday April 9, 2022
Zumbro River Bottoms Management Area near Theilman, Minnesota
100 Mile Race Starts at 8:00AM on Friday


Quick Stats:
Race founded in 2009, 100% trail race & minimum maintenance gravel roads, located 1:45 south of Minneapolis / St. Paul MN, 6 x 17 mile loops = 102 miles, elevation gain 13,500 FT, elevation loss 13,500 FT, NET elevation change 27,000 FT, 17 aid stations, 34 hour time limit.


About the Zumbro Endurance Run:
The Zumbro Endurance Run takes place within the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit in Southeastern Minnesota’s Bluff Country – just outside of the tiny village of Theilman, MN approximately 1:45 from Minneapolis – St.Paul, MN. The races start and finish at the West Assembly / Horse Campground Area. Generally speaking the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit lies within a portion of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest – an expansive 1.7 million acre tract of Minnesota hardwood forest on the Northern edge of the Driftless Region which is mainly characterized by its tall bluffs and deeply carved river valleys. This “bluff country” is rugged, hauntingly beautiful and provides the perfect venue for trail running.

The course consists of a mix of rugged single and double track trail with rubble, loose rock and sand, along with very runnable minimum maintenance gravel roads. The race is primarily concentrated in two large valleys within an expansive hardwood forest. There are four significant, short, steep climbs (of approximately 300FT) per loop with smaller hills in-between, along with some significant stretches of flat and fast valley floor running.

The Zumbro Endurance Run is organized by Rocksteady Running and directed by John Storkamp.  The Zumbro Endurance Run would not be possible without its dedicated army of year-to-year volunteers.





After a turbulent couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the complete cancellation all Rocksteady Running events in 2020, and lightly attended multi-day Covid-modified events in 2021, we find ourselves in a rebuilding and reorientation phase. Having lost over 50% of our revenue two years in a row, we are starting 2022 with added challenges. For several years our races demanded, and we had the privilege of spending a good portion of our time from April through September focusing on our nine annual trail running events. We now (both John and Cheri) are working more outside of the races, and spending our evenings, weekends and vacation days preparing for and producing the races. Without fantastic family, friends and volunteers, none of this would be possible – we are humbled and grateful. While we are confident in our ability to deliver on race fundamentals while producing safe and fun events, we must also temper expectations. Certain amenities will continue to be scaled back; post race meals, aid station offerings, the amount of event photography, media coverage prior to, during and after events etc. Wherever this is the case, we will do our best to make specific mention in the information provided. All of that said, you should generally expect the same professional level of event production, the same incredible volunteers, the same transcendental experiences on the trail and the same awesome vibes. Our mission remains undiminished, “To create experiences that facilitate connection.”





Rocksteady Running welcomes everyone to our events and into our broader trail running community. You are welcome and valued regardless of your race, gender, sexual identity, orientation, or preference, religious, spiritual, or political beliefs, socioeconomic status, age, how quickly or slowly you run. We love and respect all beings. We ask all of our participants to be kind, compassionate and open minded, and to help lift up their fellow runners.

Significantly, we believe that we have a unique responsibility to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals, who are underrepresented in trail running, feel welcome and safe. We believe that a more diverse and inclusive trail running community is a better trail running community. We aim to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to share in the transformative and life-affirming experiences that trail and ultra running and racing provides.

You can learn more about Rocksteady Running’s commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equality HERE https://www.rocksteadyrunning.com/diversity-inclusion-and-equality/






Do not register until you have reviewed this page (Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run Participant Guide) in its entirety. Once registration is open, complete details including entry fees, field limits, and the link to our registration page on UltraSignup (third party registration provider) can be found HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/registration-info/


Refunds, Transfers & Switches:
Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstance. Race registrations are not transferable to other participants, to future years races or to other Rocksteady Running events. We do do not allow transfers between race distances.  Please consider these factors carefully before registering.


Waiting List:
Once a race distance sells out, we do not keep a waiting list – instead we accept extra runners up front so that everyone has the same opportunity to train, make reservations, get a babysitter, etc. This means that a withdrawal from a sold out race prior to race day does not create an opening in the race field – it just brings us down to our predetermined field limit which is set in agreement with our permitor(s). We have found that a percentage of those who register will not make it to the starting line due to injury, illness, or other real life interventions and adjust the number of allocated spots accordingly year to year based on historical averages.


Cancellation Policy:
The Race Director reserves the right to modify or cancel the race or course for safety concerns, trail condition concerns, natural disaster or pandemic. In such cases there will be no refunds of race entry fees. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee paid. There is no complimentary race entry to a future race. Entry fees collected are used to develop and produce the event, starting well in advance of the race date – including course preparation, race supplies, permits and administration. We will make every effort to produce a fair and safe event for all participants. Any decision we make that impacts the race date or potential cancellation is carefully considered and based on the overall event safety, sustainability and manageability.


Zumbro Cancellation Credit:
Rocksteady Running has successfully produced 100’s of races since 2007. Besides the cancellation of all of our events in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the only other time we have had to cancel any races has been at Zumbro, due to (freak) snowstorms. A record setting blizzard and hazardous driving conditions forced the cancellation of Saturdays 17 mile race in 2018 while the 100 and 50 that started on Friday just barely proceeded until the end.  In 2019 another blizzard forced the cancellation of the entire event. Hunting seasons limit when we can hold Zumbro, and early to mid-April before turkey hunting begins is the most viable option available to us. In order to protect our organization and ensure that we are able to produce races for years to come, we do not offer refunds for any of our events. That said, with what seems to be a trend of severe winter-like weather occurring in early April, and the fact that there have been many “three time losers” due to cancellations (2018, 2019 & 2020), should we need to cancel Zumbro in 2022, we will issue a 25% credit for the 2023 race and will also mail you your swag item (t-shirt, hat, etc. / whatever it may be for the year). This will be on an opt-in basis – there will be a question during registration where you can indicate to us whether or not you would like the 25% credit to the following years race in the event of a cancellation. We are handling it this way since we know some of you will not care for it / would like to “donate” it back to us.  Please note that this policy is for the Zumbro Endurance Run only, and not for any other Rocksteady Running races. Assuming we can get through a few years without a cancellation and get back to ‘normal’, we will eventually shelf this policy as it does create added financial risk for our organization – that said, for the time being we want to be cognizant of the fact that a cancellation is not out of the question and be respectful of those of you that have stuck with us year after year.  Zumbro has been challenging, but whenever we can have it, as we did in 2021, it is pretty dang special and always feels like it is worth the struggle.






What’s Included:
A well marked course with plenty of aid and tons of friendly, experienced volunteers.  Runners who register by March 1 will have their name custom printed on their race numbers. Chip timing. All 100 mile finishers will receive a BELT BUCKLE and a WOOD MEDAL. For 2022 we will either do a a t-shirt or a hat (TBD). If it is a t-shirt it will be the same awesome Rocksteady Running Tri-Blend ( non-technical / casual cotton blend ) t-shirt with a super cool design. Shirts are unisex but fit both genders really well – you can see past years race shirts HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/category/shirts-swag/


General Location and Travel:
The race start is approximately 1:45 South of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Airports in Minneapolis St Paul (MSP), Rochester (RST), and Lacrosse(LSE).


Driving To the Race & Parking:
This is very important and quite in depth so it gets the following description AND its own page HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/getting-to-zumbro/ please review both. Parking is limited at the race start / finish area – WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE CAR-POOLING. If there is snow and ice on the ground when you are making your way to the race, we prefer that you take the route utilizing Wabasha County Rd 4 and come in through the town of Theilman (as opposed to the gravel back roads that Google Maps may route you on – these roads can become very hazardous if snow and ice are present due to how steep the hills are – that said this route is perfectly acceptable when snow and ice are not present). If you come through the town of Theilman, PLEASE drive very slowly / cautiously through town – this is a VERY small community that is not used to seeing much traffic this time of year, so please be VERY respectful. The Zumbro Bottoms West Assembly Campground does not have a “parking lot” per se’, it is a campground and is setup as much, there is quite a bit of space as long as people park sanely / respectfully, please do not double park or park in any muddy areas. Those not camping please drive all the way to the back / far end of the campground and start filling that space first.


There is no lodging available in Theilman, MN but there is rustic camping available at the start / finish area for a fee.

Lodging in Wabasha (15 miles)
AmericInn http://www.americinn.com/hotels/mn/wabasha
Turning Waters B&B http://www.turningwatersbandb.com/

Lodging in Lake City (15 miles)
AmericInn http://www.americinn.com/hotels/mn/lakecity
Sunset Motel http://www.sunsetmotelandresort.com/
Alaska Lodge http://www.sleepalaska.com

Camping is available right at the start area for tents and RV’s (note that there is no water or power hookups and the wells at the campground are not on this time of year). There is self serve registration near the entrance. The daily camping fee is $16.00 per night (subject to increases) – be sure to pay the fee!  Pre-registering is not necessary. More info can be found on the DNR website HERE.

Grocery stores and gas stations in Wabasha, Lake City and Plainview


Emergencies / Hospital Information:
For Emergencies Dial 911

Google Map Directions in printable .PDF format to Wabasha and Rochester Hospitals click HERE

Wabasha (Local Hospital / Closest Option)
St. Elizabeth Hospital
1200 Grant Blvd. West
Wabasha, MN  55981
Telephone: 651.565.4531
Emergency 651.565.4531
Google Map LINK

Rochester (Advanced Medical Care)
Saint Mary’s Hospital
1216 Second Street Southwest
Rochester, MN  55902
General Number 507-255-5123
Google Map LINK


Packet Pick-Up & Race Start:
There is no packet pickup prior to race morning.  You can start checking in as early as 6:30AM on race day. We will make some brief announcements 5 minutes prior to the 8:00AM start.


Drop Bags:
There will be a spot for drop bags at the Start / Finish area which is the same as Aid Station 3.  Runners will have access to their drop bags after each 17 mile loop. Runners may also return to their vehicle in the West Assembly area after each 17 mile loop, essentially using their vehicles as a “drop bag” – please be sure to cross over the timing mat either before or after you head to your vehicle, but not both / two times (only cross the timing mat once).  You will drop off your drop bags on race morning. Please keep your drop bags reasonable in size. Each drop bag must be clearly labeled with the race distance, runner’s name and race number. Race numbers will be assigned a few days before the race start and will be available on the website. Please do not put valuables into drop bags. Drop bags will not be protected from the elements so make sure that your drop bags are either waterproof OR that it is ok for the items inside to get wet. You will need to pick up your drop bags after completing the race. Any drop bags left behind will be discarded.


Every year runners get caught in a section without lights and it has a serious effect on their race. Make sure you grab / have your light on you well before dark. Sunrise 6:35AM – Sunset 7:45PM.


Weather and Clothing:
Early to mid-April in Minnesota – we can have highs in the mid-70’s and lows in the low-30’s or a combination of both.  Usually, all of the snow will be gone and the trail should be in decent shape, but often times patchy snow /ice and mud will linger.   Be prepared for all weather and trail-conditions, watch the forecast and plan accordingly.


Race Numbers:
The Zumbro Endurance Run hosts four races simultaneously, the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run (starts at 8:00 AM Friday), the Zumbro Midnight 50 (starts at 12:01 AM Saturday), the Zumbro 34 Mile (starts 7:00AM Saturday) and the Zumbro 17 Mile (starts at 9:00 AM Saturday).  Each distance will have its own unique race number (unique color and number series) so runners can be easily identified by race officials, volunteers, spectators and other runners.  Runners who register by March 1 will have their name custom printed on their race bib. We ask that all competitors wear their number on the front of their body on their outer-most layer at all times.  Runners will be tracked coming into and out of each manned aid station.  If we cannot see your number, we cannot track you or take your finishing time and if we cannot do that, you will be disqualified and will not earn an official finish.  More information can be found https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/category/race-numbers/


Pink Ribbon In Lieu of Back Bib
The 100 mile race is not the only race happening during race weekend (50 mile starts at 12:01AM Saturday, 34 mile starts at 7:00AM Saturday and 17 mile starts at 9:00AM Saturday) 100 milers will be issued a piece of pink ribbon to tie to the back of their hydration pack, waist belt etc. so they can easily be identified by runners doing the other distances, hopefully you will get some cheers and passed with care by these fresher / more energetic runners. Similarly, 50 mile runners will be issued a piece of blue ribbon. 34 and 17 milers will not be issued a ribbon.


The Zumbro Endurance Run will be chip timed.  Your timing chip will be affixed to the back of your race number – example HERE.  Do not remove your timing chip.  Do not bend or fold your timing chip or crumple your race number – this may break your timing chip. Your race number and your timing chip must be pinned on your outer-most layer at all times.  Above guidelines must be followed in order ensure that split times and finish times are recorded. This chip is disposable and does not need to be returned.  More information can be found https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/category/race-numbers/


Race Course:
A course map can be found HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/maps-and-data/


Course Markings:
The course will be marked with Orange flags with reflective strips, which will always be on the left hand side of the trail except in the rare occasion where there will be two-way traffic (the red iron bridge that crosses the Zumbro River), in this area the flags will be on both sides of the trail – reflective arrows will be used sparingly as well. It is unfortunate but is not unheard of at many of the major trail races that course vandalism has occurred and flagging has been intentionally moved or removed by small minded individuals – it is important that you study the course prior to running and have a concept of where you are going.


Aid Stations:
You must visit every aid station / you may not skip any aid stations. The first aid station is 5(ish) miles into each loop and is an unstaffed / water-only aid station.  The second aid station is 13.5(ish) miles into each loop and is fully stocked and fully staffed.  That is approximately 8.5 miles between the two aid stations.  BE PREPARED TO CARRY AT LEAST TWO WATER BOTTLES OR A HYDRATION BLADDER AND ALL OF THE CALORIES THAT YOU WILL NEED in order to make these distances.  Please review the course map HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/maps-and-data/ – Our aid stations are manned by volunteers, many of them spending a good part of their weekend out there – please be sure to thank the volunteers!


Cupless Race:
We are a cupless race, if you want to drink water or soda out of a cup, you have to have your own (each aid station will have a small stash of paper cups should you lose your reusable cup along the way.) If you are not familiar with these reusable cups they are easy to find and procure, HERE https://hydrapak.com/products/speed-cup-200-ml is an example. Note that we WILL provide disposable cups for things like coffee and soup.


Aid Station Food:
This information pertains to Aid Station 2 & 3 since Aid Station 1 is water only. Aid stations will have salty and sweet pre-packaged snacks. We will have Coke and Ginger Ale. As the 100 mile race progresses, runners can expect aid stations to have chicken noodle and vegan soup and aid station captains / crews will also be providing their own unique hot food item or two (usually simple things like grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, etc.)


Special Nutrition Items:
We will NOT have any gels, electrolyte tabs or sports drink – procure your own, carry what you need, and make use of your drop bag. With the proliferation of products on the market over the last number of years, everyone seems to have their own preferred brand and we spend more time reading expiration dates and throwing things out than you do ingesting them, and we can no longer justify the waste.


Support Crew and Spectator Access to Aid Stations:
Crews may only give their runner aid at official race aid stations. Crew, pacer and spectator access will only be allowed to drive to the Start / Finish West Assembly Area which is the same as Aid Station 3. Crew, pacers, or spectators may not drive to any of the other aid stations. Ambitious crew, pacers and spectators are welcome to walk (backwards on the race course) out to Aid Station 2 but few will take this option as there would not be time to see your runner at Aid Station 2 and then again at Aid Station 3 – the Start / Finish Area as they are approximately 4 miles apart. We thank you for your understanding, these decision are made based on variable Spring road conditions, field size, for the safety of race crew, family members and friends of the runners and to save your vehicles and the road from damage.


Cell Coverage:
There is no cell coverage in most of the valleys within the Zumbro Bottoms Management Unit, the West Assembly Area / the start and finish area of the race is no exception.  Getting to a high point / on top of a bluff is the best way to get cell coverage if you need it.


Pacers are allowed in the 100 mile race starting at mile 50 at the West Assembly Area / Aid Station 3. Pacers may not “mule” for runners / runners must carry all of their own belongings.  Runners will pick up pacer bibs along with their bib numbers on race morning. 100 mile runners may have ONE pacer at a time starting at mile 50 and may have up to two pacers for the last 17 mile loop of the race. Runners 67 and older may have a pacer at any time after the race start should they so choose.


Cut-off Times:
You must have started your 6th / final loop (left aid station 3 – the start/finish area) by 12:45 PM on Saturday. The finish line cutoff for an official finish is 34 hours (Saturday, 6:00 pm) thus you must average 3 MPH (20:00 minutes per mile) in order to finish the event within the time-limit.  All cutoffs will be strictly enforced – we do however reserve the right to pull (or allow to continue) any racer as we see fit.


If You DNF:
Should you need to drop out of the race you need to report this (providing your bib number) to the HAM radio operators at the aid station you are dropping at – if you are not sure who that is ask around until you find them. If you leave the course and fail to notify race officials, you will be asked not to come back to our race in the future.


Headphones are allowed. Please keep the volume low, or one earbud out so you can hear what is going on around you. Full awareness of one’s surroundings, and the ability to communicate with other participants, race volunteers, and trail users not associated with the event are critical to everyone’s safety.


Out-Loud Music:
Playing music out-loud from your phone or other speakers is not allowed.


Trekking Poles:
Trekking poles are allowed, please be cognizant of those around you when using your poles.


You may not run the race with your dog. That said, on-leash dogs are welcome at the race, with your crew, family and spectators at the race starts, at crew-accessible aid stations and at the finish.


Please help to keep the trail clean.  Try not to drop anything, and if you see something that someone else has accidently dropped, please pick it up.


Results will be available on our website.


We do not do specific overall winner or age group awards.  Every finisher will be handed a medal and a buckle as they finish.


Post Race:
While after finishing runners may grab a final snack at the aid station, runners should generally plan to be self-sufficient post race i.e. pack yourself a snack / lunch or plan to grab yourself something on the drive home. As we continue to get our footing after a turbulent couple of years, we will explore the option of adding back some kind of a post race meal.


For those interested in volunteering, more information can be found HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/read-first/


Training at Zumbro:
If you are planning on doing any course reconnaissance, scouting or training runs at Zumbro you will need to review the following information in it’s entirety.  https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/training-at-zumbro/


UMTR Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series:
The Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run is part of the Upper Midwest Trail Runners Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series. You can learn more about the series HERE https://umtr.org/Gnarly-Bandit-Series


UTMB Qualifying Points:
Completion of the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run will earn you five (5) qualifying points towards the UTMB Mont-Blanc races in Chamonix France.


Next Years Race:
The Zumbro Endurance Run is always held the weekend before the commencement of Spring Turkey Hunting. By Minnesota Rule “The spring turkey season opens the Wednesday nearest April 15”. The 2023 event will be held on Friday April 7 and Saturday April 8.





Currently we are planning for a completely normal / unmodified event in 2022. That said, it is important for participants to understand that should county, state or federal mandates concerning Covid change, be modified or reinstated, that certain aspects of our events may need to change.  This could happen at any time, without warning and could change the character of an event. For example; take what is planned for a single day event and make it a multi-day event, take what is planned for a mass start race and change it to wave starts, reimpose the requirement for masks to be worn anytime participants are not running, change how our aid stations are set up and/or what aid is provided, etc. Worse case we could see the cancellation of a race.  Listed below are our current considerations relating to Covid.

• Runners, spectators, volunteers and staff are required to stay home if they are Covid positive, have been exposed to someone that is Covid positive in the past 14 days, are not feeling well or are experiencing any of the symptoms listed HERE https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

• All event activities will be outdoors.

• Proper and frequent hand hygiene will be encouraged and numerous hand sanitizing stations will be available.

• Touchpoints and surface areas will be routinely cleansed.

• Inherent to a running race, a database / list of runners is maintained and could be leveraged for contact tracing if needed.





A personal note about Rocksteady Running in 2022:
Simply put, the past couple of years have not been easy. I say this knowing damn-well that it has not been easy for any of you either. Ultimately, I am grateful and feel so fortunate for so many things – mainly my health, and the health of my family and friends. Since the very first race I ever directed, when I was in my (gulp) 20’s, and still pursuing a demanding career outside of events, I did my best to hold our races and myself to the highest standards – to direct them professionally. Eventually as we took over a few more races, interest in the sport and corresponding demands increased, it required, and we were blessed, with the ability to transition into doing events pretty close to full time from April through September. We operated like this for many years. The pandemic has brought Cheri back to full-time employment outside of Rocksteady Running and has pushed me more deeply into other outside work as well – this in order to keep the races going. A core group of friends, family and many mere acquaintances have stepped up like never before in order support us and made the modified events that we could hold in 2021 a reality. Without these individuals, we literally would not have made it this far. We are not out of the woods yet – in fact, some of the pain is really just catching up to us now, having lost about 50% of our revenue two years in a row. Interest in racing in 2021 was not quite there, a few of our events we just simply could not figure out how to hold, expenses due to inflation are way up, and more, but I digress. We are excited and energized for 2022 and can’t wait to see what it brings.

I know that most of you run, race and volunteer because you love it and because it enriches your life, your sense of well-being, etc. These are the same reasons that I started doing endurance sports in the mid-1990’s. That said, I know that for so many of you, it is not purely a selfish endeavor. I know this because of the number of you that have reached out to us over the last two years, the thoughtful notes of support, the kind words and gestures. Please know that we are so grateful for that support and that we never take that support for granted. We consider ourselves lucky to get to do this with you, and for you.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or need anything at all.

Humbly and Respectfully,

John Storkamp

Founder of Rocksteady Running
Race Director of the Zumbro Endurance Run


Zumbro Endurance Run
100MI, 50MI, 17MI Trail Race(s)
Theilman, Minnesota
April 10 & 11, 2020
• 100MI Friday 8:00AM
• 50MI 12:01AM Saturday (Friday Midnight)
• 17MI 9:00AM Saturday

Opens Fri Nov 1, 2019 – 12:01AM CST
Closes Fri April 3, 2020 – 11:59PM CST
*Or once the field limit has been met
Complete Registration Details HERE

Directions to Race Start:
Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit
West Assembly Area
(Near Theilman, MN)
Google Maps Directions HERE
Written Directions HERE
(Approx 1:45 south of Minneapolis, MN)

The course consists of a mix of rugged single and double track trail with rubble, loose rock and sand along with minimum maintenance gravel roads.  The race is primarily concentrated in two large valleys within an expansive hardwood forest.  There are four significant, short, steep climbs (approx 300FT) per loop with small hills in-between along with some significant stretches of flat valley floor running.  Be sure to see maps, elevation charts and stats provided on this website HERE.

100 Mile:
6 x 17 mile loop = 102(ish) miles
Elevation Gain 13,500 FT
Elevation Loss 13,500 FT
NET Elevation Change 27,000 FT
17 Aid Stations
34 hour time limit
Complete 100MI Info HERE

50 Mile:
3 x 17 mile loop = 51(ish) miles
Elevation Gain 6,750 FT
Elevation Loss 6,750 FT
NET Elevation Change 13,500 FT
8 Aid Stations
18 hour time limit
Complete 50MI Info HERE

17 Mile:
17 Mile Loop
Elevation Gain 2,250 FT
Elevation Loss 2,250 FT
NET Elevation Change 4,500 FT
2 Aid Stations
9 hour cutoff
Complete 17MI Info HERE

More About the Area:
The Zumbro Endurance Run 100MI, 50MI and 17MI trail races take place within the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit in Southeastern Minnesota’s Bluff Country – just outside of the tiny village of Theilman, MN approximately 1:45 from Minneapolis – St.Paul, MN.  The races start and finish at the West Assembly / Horse Campground Area.  Generally speaking the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit lies within a portion of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest – an expansive 1.7 million acre tract of Minnesota hardwood forest on the Northern edge of the Driftless Region which is mainly characterized by its tall bluffs and deeply carved river valleys. This “bluff country” is rugged, hauntingly beautiful and provides the perfect venue for 100, 50 or 17 miles of trail running.