A huge thank you to all of our photographers! Images are for personal use by race participants. If you are sharing or posting photos for personal use, it is always good form to credit the photographer. If you’d like to use an image for a commercial purpose (e.g. publish in a magazine, use to promote a product etc.), please contact photographers for permission and terms of use.


Photographers are working on post-processing of photos – look for galleries’ to start showing up here throughout the week of April 10.

Anna Woletz – Friday
Anna Woletz – Saturday
Brenda Piekarski – Good
Brenda Piekarski – OK
Cary Johnson
Christian Worby
Jon Knutson
Kevin Langton
Mike Wheeler
Pat Lehnherr
Scott Rokis


Anna Woletz
Cary Johnson
Christian Worby
David Markman
Jamison Swift
Jessica Knighton
Kevin Langton
Lyric Kochendorfer
Lisa Brecht
Mike Wheeler
Pat Lehnherr – Friday
Pat Lehnherr – Saturday
Scott Rokis


Mike Wheeler


Fresh Tracks Media
Patrick Davison
Paul Nye
John & Cheri Storkamp
Eric Hadtrath Friday
Eric Hadtrath Saturday


John Storkamp
Mike Wheeler Part 1
Mike Wheeler Part 2
Todd Rowe Part 1
Todd Rowe Part 2
Zach Pierce (Facebook for Sharing)
Zach Pierce (Flickr high-resolution)
Fresh Tracks Media / Long Nguyen
Erik Lindstrom
Kevin Chem
Eric Hadtrath (Friday)
Eric Hadtrath (Saturday)


David Shannon
Eric Hadtrath (Friday)
Eric Hadtrath (Saturday Part 1)
Eric Hadtrath (Saturday Part 2)
Erik Lindstrom
John Stewart
John Storkamp
Kelly Doyle (100MI Fri PM)
Kelly Doyle (50MI Start)
Kelly Doyle (50&100 Sat AM)
Kelly Doyle (Sat Afternoon)
Mike Wheeler
Misc 17 Mile Start Photos
Todd Rowe


Zach Pierce (High resolution to purchase)
Zach Pierce (Same photos but on Facebook to share)
Todd Rowe (High resolution)
Todd Rowe (Same photos but on Facebook to share)
Mohammud Mumim
David Shannon



Zach Pierce
Todd Rowe
Scott Mark
Kelcey Knott
Jeff Thompson
Jake Haugen
Jennifer Sikes
Jason Tintes


Zach Pierce
Zach Pierce (Behind the Scenes)
Eric Forseth
Todd Rowe Set 1
Todd Rowe Set 2
Todd Rowe Set 3
Wild Knits


Zach Pierce
Eric Forseth Set 1
Eric Forseth Set 2
Eric Forseth Set 3
Scott Mark Set 1 – Pre Race
Scott Mark Set 2 – Race Start
Scott Mark Set 3 – Trail Shots
Lisa Messerer (Lots of wildflowers!)
Todd Rowe


Zach Pierce


Zach Pierce


Zach Pierce