Winter Stayed – Photo Credit Zach Pierce

The 2013 Zumbro Endurance Run 100MI, 50MI and 26.2MI are in the books!  It should be of no surprise that when you have an early Spring race in Minnesota, eventually you will have one with some snow.  After a decade of snow-free trail-running in the Zumbro Bottoms this same weekend each year, it finally happened and in a big messy way.

Leading up to this years race it was fun to see the difference in individuals reactions to the conditions.  Some folks were filled with anxiety, certain that it was the end of the world – others were cool, calm and collected and laughed as they did their last few training runs the weeks prior, running through snow, ice, water and mud.  Prior to race day while the rest of the Midwest was getting hammered by an extraordinary early Spring storm, we experienced heavy rain, snow, sleet, ice and winds in excess of 40MPH.  The trail changed almost by the hour and when it was time to mark the course it was obvious that there were dry spots that we were marking would be wet come race day as well as wet spots that might dry out a bit – as a result we made very few revions and just had to go with it.  Snow, ice, mud and sloppy, slippery trails greeted 100 mile runners on Friday and things just deteriorated from there.  Many runners succombed to the conditions after long and protracted battles with the course, a good many carried on and got the finish.  Photos can be found HERE – notice all of the smiling faces – the spirit of the trail / ultrarunner is alilve and well!

A full race report will be written and available in an upcoming issue of Ultrarunner Magazine but below are the quick stats and links to initial results – these are preliminary results and are subject to revisions – timing is a science but sometimes mistakes are made, if your name is missing from the results or if your time is not correct, we will have you in the backup, please just bring it to our attention – if you see something please CONTACT US via email, do not use Facebook, final results will be available within a week or so.  We were unable to get a few awards out during the race – the 17 and 50 just had awards for the overall winners (male and female), but the 100 mile had awards for 1st place in each age division – after we confirm final results, we will mail out awards.

We had an incredible time hosting such a fantastic group of runners – we look forward to seeing you all again next year, hopefully under dryer conditions!


100 Mile
Registered: 80
Starters: 68
Finishers: 23
DNFs: 47
Finishers Rate: 34%
Mens Winner: Garrett Peltonen, Madison WI – 21:46:18
Womens Winner: April Cole, Hammond WI – 26:47:21
Complete 100 Mile Results: HERE

50 Mile
Registered: 96
Starters: 80
Finishers: 53
DNFs: 29
Finishers Rate: 66%
Mens Winner(s): Tie / Jake Hegge, La Crosse WI & Michael Borst, Slinger WI – 8:53:45
Womens Winner: Maria Barton, Apple Valley MN –  14:04:55
Complete 50 Mile Results: HERE

17 Mile
Registered: 139
Starters: 101
Finishers: 96
DNFs: 5
Finishers Rate: 95%
Mens Winner: Tim Hardy, North Mankato MN – 2:11:57
Womens Winner: Leslie Semler, Hermantown MN – 2:44:13
Complete 17 Mile Results: HERE