Zumbro Volunteer Communication 3, 2018

Date: Friday April 6th, 2018
Subject: Zumbro Volunteer Communication 3, 2018

Hello Friends!

You are receiving this email because you have signed up to volunteer for the Zumbro Endurance Run – Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th, 2018. For those of you who signed up more recently – copies of previous emails can be found on our website HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/volunteer-updates/ should you like to review them.

Please forgive the long email but we have a quite few things to get through – Please take the time to read through this when you get a chance! This will be the last group email to volunteers prior to the race.

Thanks again to everyone that has signed on to volunteer for the 2018 Zumbro Endurance Run, we have a really impressive group of over 200 volunteers for this years event and are now just one week out! We could not put on such a great event without your help. I say this without boasting or bragging, but we have one of the strongest volunteer groups of any “trail / ultrarunning community” in the country – those of you who have been to races out of state know first hand, that the support and selflessness here is quite staggering! We currently have runners for 22 states and three Canadian provinces registered to run: 100MI=128, 50MI=253, 17MI=506, TOTAL= 887

A list of volunteer assignments can be found HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/volunteer-assignments/ – if you see any mistakes in available times or positions or see something that will not work for you, please let us know. Please keep in mind that you may have been assigned more than one job, so please search for you name (you can search by last name or you can sort the table by clicking on the column header rows.) There could be a few minor tweaks between now and race day, so please be sure to check the list the week of the race. Info on each specific volunteer job can be found HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/volunteer-jobs/ ***HAM Radio Operators please note that your specific assignments / times will be handled by Brendan Johnson via direct communication with him.

Please be sure to review the website and specifically the volunteer section in its entirety so you are 100% up to speed on what is going on (printing out what anything you feel you need), where you are going, how to get there, what you are doing, what is provided and what you need to bring – again, all of this can be found on the website – if you still have questions, please be sure to let us know.

A few other quick things to note:

• THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: WEATHER AND CONDITIONS. Due to expected snowy, icy, rainy & muddy conditions we have already revoked all of the runners crews and spectators permission to drive to Aid Station 1/4 (they may hike over from the Start / Finish area OR ride the shuttles we will be running). As long as the road is in OK condition by late next week, volunteers may drive and park down there BUT, if they are not, only volunteers with 4WD will be allowed to drive down, others will have to park at the Start / Finish area and ride a shuttle over or walk over (approx 1 mile). At this time, assume you will be able to drive down but if that changes we will send an email to those working aid stations 1/4 and 2/3 informing them of the conditions and any changes.

• Even when we have warm days at Zumbro it usually gets pretty cold overnight, so please be sure to bring warm clothes, think down jacket and other winter stuff especially for those late night shifts.

• There is always the potential for mud so bring appropriate footwear (and rain gear – hopefully we won’t need it!)

• There are toilets at the Start / Finish area and very close to Aid Station 1/4 – however, there are no toilets at Aid Station 2/3 – you either have to use the woods or walk back to Aid Station 1/4 (about a 10 minute walk).

• For those working really long shifts (many of you) please work with your aid station captain and those in your group to rotate out and get some rest, feel free to bring a tent, sleeping bag etc so you can catch some Z’s we do not want, need or expect anyone to try to stay awake for two days straight!

• You are welcome to all the aid station food you can eat but you may get tired of it… you may want to pack a lunch so you have something you like.

• Feel free to put your own personal touches on the aid station and please work with your aid station captain to plan an extra more substantial food item (burgers, pizza, vegetarian or vegan items – whatever sounds good and you know you can pull off)!

• Aid station captains, please coordinate with the HAM Radio Operators, they will need a couple of helpers to help call and record bib numbers of runners (runner tracking) and this is a good job for injured runners 😉 – aid stations are staffed really well so it should not be an issue rotating volunteers into that position.

• *Name badges on lanyards. In the aid station bins will be lanyards with name badge holders and magic markers to write down your name on the card and insert into the holder. Bare with me – I know not everyone loves name tags but just as we have found with the runners (and having their names printed on their bibs) we have found 1.) we meet so many people on race weekend that it is hard to remember everyones name and 2.) knowing peoples names and truly getting to know people facilitates the sense of community – please if you will, participate!

• In the event of a medical emergency you will want to do the following a.) locate the medical person at your aid station and b.) notify the HAM Radio operators of the situation so they can call for emergency services if needed. Keep in mind there is no cell coverage at Zumbro except up on top of the bluffs.

• Need to know what we are providing at the aid stations? A list can be found HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/aid-station-supplies/

• Never worked an aid station and want to learn more? You can do that HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/aid-stations-101/

• Confused about the area or where to go? You can learn much HERE http://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/maps-and-data/

• We will still take a couple of helpers at our place in Hastings on Sunday from about 9AM until 2PM if you would like to help us cleanup from the aftermath, let us know!

Below is a list of aid station captains and their email addresses should you want to coordinate anything with them prior to race day – they have been here and done it and know the ropes so feel free to contact them directly, you can report directly to them when you arrive as well. – Everyone else should report directly to me – John Storkamp or Cheri Storkamp at the start / finish area, medical folks can also look for Lisa Messerer and Chalayne Palmgrean and HAMS look for Brendan Johnson. Your T-Shirts will be at the aid-station or area you have been assigned to with the aid station captain except Aid Station 5 and other non-aid station positions, your shirts can be picked up from the merchandise booth at the start / finish area.

*Email addresses omitted for web version

Aid Station 1/4 (Fri-Sat)
Kurt Decker

Aid Station 2/3 (Fri Day)
Matt Patten

Aid Station 2/3 (Friday Overnight)
Brian Woods

Aid Station 2/3 (Sat Day)
Karen Gall

Aid Station 5 (Fri-Sat)
Jamison Swift

HAM Radio Coordinator
Brendan Johnson

Medical Lead(s)
Chalayne Palmgren – AS1/4 and AS2/3
Lisa Messerer – AS5 – Start / Finish Area

That is all for now, this will probably be the last group email before the race unless something of note comes up. I leave for the race site on the Tuesday prior to the race and from then on will only check email and voicemail a couple of times a day, so please, if you have questions or need to get in touch with me, please do so sooner than later and do not be afraid to email, text, Facebook MSG or pick up the phone!

Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director

Zumbro Endurance Run
100MI, 50MI, 17MI Trail Race(s)
Theilman, Minnesota
April 10 & 11, 2020
• 100MI Friday 8:00AM
• 50MI 12:01AM Saturday (Friday Midnight)
• 17MI 9:00AM Saturday

Opens Fri Nov 1, 2019 – 12:01AM CST
Closes Fri April 3, 2020 – 11:59PM CST
*Or once the field limit has been met
Complete Registration Details HERE

Directions to Race Start:
Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit
West Assembly Area
(Near Theilman, MN)
Google Maps Directions HERE
Written Directions HERE
(Approx 1:45 south of Minneapolis, MN)

The course consists of a mix of rugged single and double track trail with rubble, loose rock and sand along with minimum maintenance gravel roads.  The race is primarily concentrated in two large valleys within an expansive hardwood forest.  There are four significant, short, steep climbs (approx 300FT) per loop with small hills in-between along with some significant stretches of flat valley floor running.  Be sure to see maps, elevation charts and stats provided on this website HERE.

100 Mile:
6 x 17 mile loop = 102(ish) miles
Elevation Gain 13,500 FT
Elevation Loss 13,500 FT
NET Elevation Change 27,000 FT
17 Aid Stations
34 hour time limit
Complete 100MI Info HERE

50 Mile:
3 x 17 mile loop = 51(ish) miles
Elevation Gain 6,750 FT
Elevation Loss 6,750 FT
NET Elevation Change 13,500 FT
8 Aid Stations
18 hour time limit
Complete 50MI Info HERE

17 Mile:
17 Mile Loop
Elevation Gain 2,250 FT
Elevation Loss 2,250 FT
NET Elevation Change 4,500 FT
2 Aid Stations
9 hour cutoff
Complete 17MI Info HERE

More About the Area:
The Zumbro Endurance Run 100MI, 50MI and 17MI trail races take place within the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit in Southeastern Minnesota’s Bluff Country – just outside of the tiny village of Theilman, MN approximately 1:45 from Minneapolis – St.Paul, MN.  The races start and finish at the West Assembly / Horse Campground Area.  Generally speaking the Zumbro River Bottoms Management Unit lies within a portion of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest – an expansive 1.7 million acre tract of Minnesota hardwood forest on the Northern edge of the Driftless Region which is mainly characterized by its tall bluffs and deeply carved river valleys. This “bluff country” is rugged, hauntingly beautiful and provides the perfect venue for 100, 50 or 17 miles of trail running.