Zumbro Volunteer Communication 1 2020

Date: 2/5/2020
Subject: Zumbro Volunteer Communication 1 2020

Hello All!

You are receiving this email because you either a.) have already signed up to volunteer for Zumbro this year b.) were signed up to volunteer for Zumbro last year, and / or c.) have volunteered in previous years… either way, we want and need you this year!  A list of those who have already signed up to volunteer can be found HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/volunteer-assignments/ – We are just over two months from this year’s race, our fingers are crossed for good weather and we are getting excited! If you can’t make it back to volunteer this year we hope it is because you are planning on running, crewing, spectating or just coming down to hang out and have a good time – we all make this event what it is and we want you to be a part of it, one way or another!  This year’s race will be held on Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11, 2020 and we will need help before and after the race as well.

As always, it really helps us to stay organized and on top of things if you can go to the Zumbro website and (if you have not already) sign up to volunteer HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/volunteer-signup/ – providing any useful information that will help us in assigning you to your volunteer position – i.e. days and times available, what position you worked last year, other preferences etc. – also, if you can help with equipment cleanup and storage on Monday April 13 in Hastings, please let us know (usually on Sunday, but this year Sunday is Easter and we know many of you will be with your families that day).

As you may or may not have heard, we have made some changes to the race course and we are super excited about these changes as the course flows better and aid stations are easier to access.  Aid Station 1 / the TCRC Aid Station will no longer be at the bridge, instead the first aid station runners hit will be around mile 5 and will be an unmanned / self-serve aid station (although we will have HAM radio coverage at this location for safety and maybe a couple other volunteers camping out / hanging out.)  Aid Station 2 will come around 13.5 miles into the race and is at a new location, the Central Assembly Area.  The race started and finished at this location the first couple of years it was held until we outgrew it.  It is a great spot for an aid station with parking, a mowed turf area, vault toilets, a pavilion, etc.  This will be the TCRC aid station and Kurt will gladly take your help if you were at the Sand Coulee Aid Station in years past, as the Sand Coulee Aid Station is no more.  Then, finally, Aid Station 3 will be at the start / finish area per usual.  You can see how the revised course lays out HERE https://www.zumbroendurancerun.com/maps-and-data/
We will gather volunteer information over the coming weeks, then when we have just about everyone committed we will start making volunteer assignments – look for further communication at that time.
As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me – we are looking forward to seeing everyone this Spring!
Thank You,

John Storkamp
Race Director
[email protected]