HAM Radio

The Zumbro Endurance Run is supported by many great HAM / Amateur Radio Operators.  Brendan Johnson is the HAM Radio Coordinator for the Zumbro Endurance Run.  If you are a licensed HAM Radio Operator and would like to volunteer in that capacity, please contact us and we will put you in direct contact with Brendan.

Putting on ultra-distance trail-running races in locations with minimal cellular phone coverage over portions of the race-course(s) is challenging to say the least. In order to maintain the highest level of safety for all of our runners, volunteers and staff we rely on Amateur Radio Operators also known as HAM Radio Operators, to provide communications for the race(s).  Each one of our events is staffed with a large crew of experienced radio operators who provide communications, aid in runner tracking, facilitate logistics and coordinate emergency response.  Without this dedicated group of volunteers we would not be able to host our events in the safe and organized manner that we do.